It would be entirely wrong to start this section by including anyone else than Andy Gibson. I was pratting around in various school bands but on leaving had joined my 1st ‘real’ one, I Breath First. With Dave Irwin and Marty Yule, later of the Daintees and Toy dolls, now owner of Hot Ratz records in Sunderland. We practiced in his bedroom.  Not good.  And then along came this bloke. Andy was sort of responsible for the whole thing as far as I’m concerned. The first meeting, held down the east end in 1980, which spawned the Musicians Collective and eventually the Bunker itself was organised by Andy. He was I think getting the piss taken out of him up Ford coffee bar at the time of this meeting, (he was a youth worker up there), but the work he did for the bunker, and there was loads, was off his own back.

He always had checky shirts on. I spoke to him not long before he died. He was an absolute inspiration.  More of Andy later.

Andy at the 'New Bunker' circa 1985

Andy at the ‘New Bunker’ circa 1985


Four emails over Christmas asking about the whereabouts of !    It doesn’t exist anymore.  But I am sitting on the hundreds of images I was sent when it was built. So, let’s get this rattling on its Zimmer frame once more.  Pass it about, spread it around, cast the net and tally ho.  Here we go now… a sociology lecture….etc etc etc


In the Sandhills pub.  Grindon, Sunderland, circa 1982. With dodgy beret and home made I Breath First shirt.

In the Sandhills pub. Grindon, Sunderland, circa 1982. With dodgy beret and home-made I Breath First shirt.

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Not sure where to begin with this lot.  I gathered so much stuff its scary.


Thats about 5% of the image library, which is not catalogued in any way.  So this is going to be a bit random to start with.  I might start individual pages.  One for bands, one for tickets, one for punters etc.Yeah, that sounds good.  Giz a few minutes.

Yep, that worked.  Right, thats what I will do.  Upload stuff to the relevant pages and add pages as and when.

The history page will be where the written story will live.

So after careful consideration on my part, and some lovely emails saying I was a right lazy twat for letting the bunker archive site vanish, I have started this blog. The intention? I will be putting up images collected for the original Bunker Archive site up here for your delectation and delight.  A few at a time.  When I can be bothered.  I would love you to get the word around about the blog, cos I am now in the position of not having to beg you for money to keep the thing going every year.  I want this to be a very interactive blog and welcome comments and contributions of all kind regarding all things Bunker.

Loosely speaking, the blog will tell the story of The Bunker, a  project for mostly unemployed musicians set up in the early eighties in North East England’s Sunderland.  I have gathered many photographs and ephemera and over the coming months this blog will start to spew forth the choice bits from the original archive. It will be an organic process, and I am determined to let it develop slowly, like a festering boil.  So you will have to keep checking in to see the story unfold.  I am also new to WordPress, so things might be a little chaotic until I work my way round the tools.  A bit like the original Bunker in a way.

I will be telling my story of the Bunker, and the opinions and accounts will be mine. However, I want this blog to be a more collaborative effort and want some input from those involved with the place past and present. The important thing for me, and perhaps the main reason for getting this thing started again, is that the many stories and anecdotes from original bunker people that came in for the first site disappeared along with it.  And that was a real shame.  We ain’t getting a blue plaque, lets put our own up.

The fact that the site did vanish earlier this year is down solely to lack of funds (for funds read donations).  Perhaps I should have taken the hint and  let it go.  F*ck it.  Lets see what happens.

Here we go now…………